Xpel Stealth “Matte” Paint Protection Film

2021 Tesla Model S Changes Its Look with XPEL STEALTH Matte PPF

Turning your Tesla from Gloss to Boss

This (originally gloss black) 2021 Tesla Model S is displaying a new look after being wrapped in STEALTH matte-finish PPF. The Tesla’s entire exterior now has a matte sheen that feels like satin to the touch. In addition, it still enjoys the same paint protection benefits as ULTIMATE PLUS PPF. XPEL STEALTH is an ideal solution if you want to change the appearance while protecting the paint.

Whether your vehicle is matte, frozen, or frosted, self-healing STEALTH ™ Paint Protection Film will keep it looking effortlessly pristine. Or, protect your gloss paint with a whole new look! STEALTH PPF helps match most factory flat paint jobs and virtually disappears on most surfaces. With a finish that’s uniformly smooth, you can add STEALTH PPF to your matte or gloss paint job for a unique satin finish. Flat finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair. STEALTH matte-finish PPF enables you to easily wash and dry your car without damaging its sheen.

XPEL STEALTH paint protection film has the same qualities as XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, to prevent rock chips, scratches, and road debris. It also comes with our comprehensive, 10-year warranty.

If you need help choosing what film is best for your vehicle feel free to send us a DM! We are experts when it comes to PPF, Wraps, and Ceramic Coating. We will give you suggestions based on your budget and needs. Book your appointment and your vehicle will be protected in no time!

Consider Paint Protection Film For Your Tesla

Paint Protection Film

Many Tesla owners acquire these cars knowing this will be a car they keep for the long term; who wouldn’t! The all-electric design lends itself to the perfect Daily Driver, so many Tesla owners all over the country seek Protection Services to ensure their vehicles stay looking new!

The goal for this client was Ultimate Protection for their new vehicle, and that’s precisely the package we designed, specifically tailored to their needs and planned use for the car. Our client decided on our Full Body XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ Paint Protection Film Wrap, a package designed to preserve the factory paint finish on your vehicle perfectly. This package is for the automobile enthusiast that wants the ultimate worry-free ownership experience of their prized possession.

Every project here at SunStop Window Tinting starts with a thorough prep wash, removing any contamination like iron fallout, tree sap, and rubber to ensure a clean slate for us to start our protection process. 

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ is one of the most advanced paint protection films. Available in three different thicknesses to offer you the protection you need for exterior and interior surfaces. The entire ULTIMATE PLUS lineup is virtually invisible and protects from everyday damage, including scuffs, scratches, chips, etc.

In the hands of an XPEL Certified Installer, the patterns offered by the DAP provide the confidence we need to apply film efficiently, accurately, and without concern.

After our XPEL Paint Protection Film installation is complete, we go through many Quality Control procedures to ensure the quality meets our standards.

The final result of our Customized Installation technique combined with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS™ Paint Protection Film is a Tesla that is very well protected from its daily driving endeavors, but YOU’D never know!



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