Why You Should Avoid Price Shopping for Window Tinting

Have you ever thought about window tinting but hesitated due to the cost? Are you window-tint-curious but unsure it’s worth the price tag? You’re not alone. We understand your hesitation, so we want to discuss why window tinting is worth the extra money. The Costly Consequences of Cheap Window Tinting Quality window film matters when

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The Power of Window Tint to Protect Against Sun Sensitivity

If you or someone close to you is taking medication that increases sun sensitivity, it can be frustrating trying to find ways to stay comfortable in the sun. Window tinting can offer a great solution – helping to protect against UV rays while still allowing natural light into your home and car. Read on to

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Arkansas Window Tint Laws

Arkansas Window Tint Laws This falls under Arkansas Code Title 27. Transportation § 27-37-306 Since 1994 the automotive window tinting laws are as follows: Standard Vehicle (Sedan or Coupe) Multiple Purpose Passenger Vehicle (SUV, Truck, Bus, Trailer, Motor Home) Physician’s Certification: (e)(1)(A)?A motorist is exempt from this section if the motorist is diagnosed by a

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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Windows

In general, you probably don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about your windows. They’re really the kind of thing you only think about if there’s a problem with them, and it makes sense… they’re meant to be looked through, not at! However, all windows do have a lifespan. Your car windshield, for example,

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What’s the difference between house and car window tinting?

You might think of auto glass tinting as a relatively new phenomenon– something that became popular for celebrities in the age of paparazzi, with the intent of creating privacy for the passengers inside a vehicle. However, window tinting for cars and homes has actually been around since the mid-20th century. The concept of window tinting

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How Ceramic Coating Can Increase the Value of Your Car

Over the years, your car naturally goes through some wear and tear. If you’re driving every day, all year round, it’s inevitable that your car will experience some damage from UV exposure, snow, ice, salt, road debris, and more. When it comes time to sell your vehicle, though, you’ll probably be looking at your car

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How window tinting protects you

Window tints are one of the most underappreciated features in our cars. You may not think about it, but these tints are protecting us in so many ways. Window tints are especially designed to make our vehicles not only more stylish, but safer too. It doesn’t matter if its bright lights, the sun’s harmful rays

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