Protecting the exterior of your car is probably a priority for you, at least on some level. After all, the paint job is the first thing people see when they look at your vehicle– and in some ways, isn’t a person’s car a reflection of them as a person, or at least of their priorities?

It’s hard to keep a paint job looking fresh, though. No matter what kind of climate you live in, there are environmental factors that can cause major damage over time. If you live in a temperate area, your car faces potential damage from ice, road salt, and UV exposure from the sun!

What can I do to protect my car’s paint job?

Getting a new paint job every few years isn’t feasible for most of us, but unless you never drive your car, it’s likely to incur some damage over the years.

Fortunately, there are some options available to you for protection.

One of these options is paint protection film.

As you might be able to guess, paint protection film (for brevity, also known as PPF) is a clear film that’s applied to the surface of your car in order to protect the paint.

It’s a pretty good option to keep your car’s paint protected from things like road debris and fading from UV exposure. After all, it’s a physical material that creates a barrier between your car’s paint and the outside world.

The second option is ceramic coating.

It’s also a clear material that’s applied to the exterior of your car in order to protect its paint job, and it does a great job protecting your car from the elements for years.

How does paint protection film compare to ceramic coating?

Both paint protection film and ceramic coating are popular options for protecting your car’s paint job for a reason, but how does one compare to the other?

Both options are great for keeping your car safe from road debris and even acidic and chemical contaminants– these can include things like acid rain, bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap.

The major difference between the two lies in the material they’re made from. A PPF is simply applied to the exterior of your car– while a ceramic coating is made from a material that bonds with your car’s paint job on a molecular level. That means it’s creating a true bond between the paint and the coating to both protect and strengthen it.

While both can protect your car from the elements, the chemical bond created by the ceramic coating is generally more effective.

As an added bonus, ceramic coating makes your car hydrophobic– which means that water will bead off of your car, further ensuring your paint job’s protection from the elements.

How long does paint protection film last on a car?

It depends greatly on the quality of the material and the quality of the installation itself. A professional paint protection film installation should protect your car for up to five years.

How long does ceramic coating last on a car?

Ceramic coating is a more permanent option than PPF just because of its chemical makeup. It’s bonded to the paint of your car rather than just applied to it.

In fact, a quality ceramic coating for your vehicle can last up to ten years.

The longevity of both PPF and ceramic coating depends on the amount of harmful environmental factors your car is exposed to. Obviously, if your car experiences heavy debris, tree sap, bird droppings, and UV exposure on a daily basis for years, its protective coating will wear out more quickly regardless of which option you choose.

Should I get ceramic coating for my car?

One of the reasons why people opt out of ceramic coating for their vehicles is the cost– a high-quality professional ceramic coating application can cost a bit more than people are prepared to spend on a protective measure for their car.

However, applying ceramic coating will ultimately protect your car’s paint for years! Since the paint color and quality of your vehicle are the biggest factors in resale value, it makes good sense to ensure that they look great! 

The increased resale value on your car is likely to make up for the initial cost of ceramic coating application.

If you’re ready to get your car looking shiny and gorgeous for years to come, choosing a ceramic coating is a solid choice. Give the experts at Autobahn a call today to schedule your appointment!



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