Thinking about tinting your car windows? Maybe your friend recently got theirs done, so now you’re curious. Perhaps you just purchased a new vehicle and want to make it your own. If you don’t know much about car window tinting, we’ve got you covered. Everything from the benefits of car window tinting to the types of car window tinting available is reviewed in this blog post.

Benefits of car window tinting

Car window tinting does more than just make your vehicle look snazzy and customized. It can help you increase your comfort and safety in the vehicle, as well as preserve the life and condition of your vehicle’s interior. When you are driving, your skin is exposed to the sun, whose ultraviolet (UV) light can cause skin damage. Car window tinting can block UV exposure. Car window tinting can also block heat from entering your vehicle. This is especially important during an Arkansas summer! Car window tinting can help your vehicle’s glass stay intact in the event of an impact. Windows that have been tinted are less likely to shatter. Car window tinting also offers privacy benefits. As long as you stay within the legal limit allowed in your particular state, you can darken your windows to a significant degree that will help prevent other people from seeing what’s inside your vehicle. This can help deter any unwanted interest or potential break-in activity or attempts.

Types of car window tinting to choose from at Autobahn:

  • “Autobahn Black” – Color-stable deep-dyed film: This product offers low reflectivity, a sophisticated, dark look to your windows, scratch-resistant coating, and a lifetime warranty. This window film does not interfere with radio frequencies or electronic control systems. It rejects 43% of total solar energy and 99% of UV light.


  • “Autobahn Black Ceramic” – Dark nano-ceramic dispersion: This car window tinting product uses nano-ceramic dispersion technology to reduce the low-angle haze effect seen in other “large particle” dispersion films. This product’s blend of ceramics provide a broad-spectrum infrared rejection that exceeds what is offered by some other products. It rejects 63% of total solar energy, 60% of infrared light, and 99% of UV light. 


  • “Autobahn Air Ceramic” – Clear nano-ceramic dispersion: This car window tinting option allows you to gain the benefits of window tinting without the traditional dark look. This product allows maximum clarity and visibility due to its high light transmission, paired with high heat rejection so that your vehicle is still kept comfortable and safe. This product is virtually clear when applied on glass. It rejects 44% of total solar energy, 68% of infrared light, and 99% of UV light.  


  • “Autobahn Ceramic i3” – multi-layer ceramic: This is the latest innovation in multi-layer ceramic car window tinting products, offering the highest levels of heat rejection, color, and clarity. It rejects 71 % of total solar energy, 93% of infrared light, and 99% of UV light.


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