What is fading? 

Fading is the gradual change in color. Fading can happen to upholstery, hardwoods, carpeting, artwork, wall paint, and more. Navy blue, dark green, dark red, brown, and black will appear to fade faster because of being deeper in the color spectrum than white, tan, or other lighter colors. Darker hardwood floors and furniture will fade much more quickly and drastically than lighter options.

What causes fading?

The three major contributors to fading are UV, Visible Light, and Solar Heat. These factors damage and break down the colors of your floors, furniture, and paints- causing irreparable damage.  The contribution of fading for UV is 50%, visible light contributes about 25% to fading, and solar heat contributes the remaining 25%. The sun is the ultimate fading source, but we can’t necessarily get rid of it. However, certain window films minimize the suns effects of fading and still enjoy natural light and views.

What reduces fading?

In regards to UV, a film that blocks 99.99% is key when it comes to fade reduction. When blocking nearly all of the UV, the fading slows by 50%. Visible light is the next key component in preventing fading. We offer window films that block as much as 95% of visible light, though the darkest that we recommend for a home is 85% light block. Huper Optik is the most optically clear window film on the market; even at our darkest architectural film, there is no obstruction to your view. We always recommend at least a 50% visible light transmittance when trying to reduce fade because it slows the fading by at least 12.5%. Solar heat is the final component. Other films cannot compete with the heat rejection of Huper Optik. We can block more solar heat at lighter options than any other product on the market. Your home will not only be more protected against fading, but it will also be a more comfortable temperature.  

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for our next post! We will take on “Skin Protection” in the home and how our window films can help reduce the chance of anyone in your family from getting skin cancer later in life from the sun damage unknowingly received through your windows.



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