This brand new 2022 BMW m8 Competition has been transformed… Originally gloss it’s now MATTE, SunStop applied XPEL Stealth paint protection film to all surfaces of the vehicle.

Not only is the whole car completely protected against rock chips, and wind-blown debris, and has a self-healing top coat, but it changed the car into something truly different! Check out our Paint Protection film packages on our PPF Page.


TRANSFORMING: Don’t have a flat matte finish? No problem. Applying STEALTHTM Paint Protection Film over your gloss paint will transform your cars look into WOW.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Historically a Satin Matte finish paint job is hard to maintain. Not with STEALTHTM. Keep the look, lose the headache.

SELF HEALING: Getting a ding or scratch is no longer a big deal when you have STEALTHTM Paint Protection Film with self healing features.



An XPEL Little Rock Representative will be in touch. For immediate assistance, give us a call!